The Daily GPA-Boosting Checklist

Posted: June 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

GPA Boosting Checklist Graphic 1) MAKE A PLAN… EVERY DAY      

If you allow the day to unfold at random, you will accomplish nothing. It is important to make a plan every single day. Start by listing everything you need to do that day. Then use a weekly schedule sheet, or your planner, to assign specific times to do each task. This will lead to more effective use of your time and better grades!


Studies show that reciting your notes out loud helps you retain more information. Try this: Stand up and pretend you’re lecturing a class, and only reference your notes when you need to refresh your memory. Or, meet with a classmate and take turns explaining each concept out loud.


Don’t wait to study until it is time for a test! Instead, create a study plan, so that you are studying a little for every class throughout each week (not just when a test is coming up). When it is time for an exam, you will already know the majority of the information and will just need to review and check for knowledge gaps.


First, make sure you shut off your electronics when you study. No TV, no radio, and set your cell phone on “do not disturb” mode (or use an app, like SelfControl.) Studies show that these kinds of distractions and interruptions greatly hinder your ability to learn new information. As a matter of fact, one study showed a 17% lower letter grade on multiple-choice tests for students who were allowed to have a cell phone during learning.


Studies have shown that the brain will forget less when learning occurs in the evening, before sleep. So, this is a great time to review lecture notes and any other information you are attempting to memorize.


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