About Kelly

Hi there! I’m Kelly. I’m a mother, grandmother, wife, instructor, friend, and so much more. I live a multi-faceted life, just like you do. One thing that carries over to all aspects of my life is my goal to be successful in my endeavors and I want to help others be successful, too. That’s why I work as an academic coach in higher education, and it is why I decided to start this blog. I want to encourage you, but also give you practical information that you can put into practice.

When I started this blog, I mulled over many different names. I wanted to use the word “success” in some way, because that is my goal. After playing with a lot of combinations, I settled on the title “Success Hacks”. As I sat down to write my first post, I thought about how the word “hack” is used in so many different ways… So, what does that mean and is it really right for my blog? Well, here the definition I latched on to:

Hack: to clear (a road, path, etc.) by cutting away vines, trees, brush, or the like: They hacked a trail through the jungle.

I am forging a path as I work to reach my goals, and I want to try to help others work their way down their chosen path, as well. There will be obstacles, and there will be ways to avoid, conquer, or manage them. The ultimate goal is SUCCESS, so it made sense to call this blog Success Hacks! I hope you will visit often and we will navigate this path together.
  • Note: 10/20/12:  This post shares something about the somewhat altered direction I am taking with this blog.
  1. Thank you for following our blog. We sincerely appreciate your support.

    -Marpay Fitness

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