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Welcome to Success Hacks!

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

How is the word “success” defined? gives us these definitions:

1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
2. the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.
3. a successful performance or achievement: The play was an instant success.
4. a person or thing that is successful: She was a great success on the talk show.
5. Obsolete . outcome.
I think that most of us would agree that success is a “favorable” end product. However, sometimes I learn more from my failures, and it can become a favorable end product as well. While my successes may come at the “termination” of some type of endeavor I hesitate to think of any project as being totally terminated. I think that achieving success is more of a progression. When I was working toward my A.A., each successful exam was a step in the progression towards my goal. The completion of each class was a step towards my goal of getting my A.A.. Receiving my A.A. was a step towards my goal of receiving my B.A., and I was back to the gradual steps of attending classes, taking tests, completing coursework, etc. Now I work in a college and every day I work with students who are struggling in their classes. I help my students set small goals and cheer them towards each success…. which is another step towards a bigger goal.
I guess the point I am driving at is that although success may come at the termination of something, it is actually dually functioning. It can be the end of something, but most likely it is also a stepping stone toward some other goal or success. May we never get to a place where we say “I’m DONE!” To me, a life without goals would be a boring one.
This blog will be multi-faceted because I am a multi-faceted woman, working to achieve success in many areas. I am a mother. I am a homemaker. I am a student. I am an employee. I am a mentor. I am a teacher. I want to share strategies for achieving success in many different things. I will share my failures as well as my successes in hopes that we can all learn together and grow together. I can’t wait to travel this road with you.