My Favorite Planner Page

Posted: July 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
My FAVORITE Planner Pages

My favorite planner pages.

I have been designing my “Perfect Planner,” and almost have it ready to send to a printer. I am trying to get every part of it perfect for staying on top of work, school, and home. I have to say that my favorite pages have become my Priority One pages. I have two. One is tagged “Personal” and one is tagged “Professional.”

Each of the pages have 6 square that are about the size of a Post-It note. Each day I decide what my 6 top tasks are for the day and write each one on a Post-It note and then put it in a box. I do rank them from 1-6, based on importance. When I complete a task, I pull off the Post-It note and throw it away. The hope is that I will complete the top 6 tasks that day and have a blank sheet of paper in the end. Of course, there are occasionally tasks that will take longer than a day, and I just leave the Post-It note on the page for the next day. I rearrange and re-rank the notes, as needed each morning.


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