How Can I Learn More in Less Time?

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

clockMany college students have responsibilities outside of their academic studies. They may be student athletes, hold a job, have a family, or have other time-consuming duties. This brings some students to ask, “How can I learn more in less time?” Some people think that it isn’t possible, but there are definitely ways a student can make the most of their study time, which translates into less time studying. If you are looking to learn more in less time, the following suggestions will help you.

  1. Take a learning style assessment test. Understanding your learning style provides insight to the best and fastest way for you to learn new material.
  2. Schedule daily study times, and stick to it.
  3. Sometimes a good portion of allotted study time is swallowed up in procrastination. Learn techniques for combating procrastination and use them. (Use this timer technique for combating procrastination.)
  4. Increase retention by reviewing class notes on a daily basis. Retaining information is more effective and less time consuming than relearning. (See Use Cornell Notes to Change the Curve of Forgetting.)
  5. Learn to use those snatches of time that are typically lost in a day. Carry flash cards or study sheets with you and reclaim those lost minutes. You can review your cards or notes while you sit in a waiting room, kill time in a car pool line, or wait for a watched pot to boil.
  6. John Wooden once said, “Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” In terms of striving for academic success, remember that just because you’re sitting at a desk, flipping through a text book doesn’t mean you’re studying. You need to perform a variety of study activities which will cause you to process information and internalize the concepts. (Here is a post about combining physical activity with study!)

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