It Helps….

Posted: February 25, 2013 in exams, study skills, test preparation, Uncategorized

brainIf you are studying for an exam, there is one simple technique that can boost the speed at which you learn, as well as boost comprehension.  What is it?  Talk. Not just a whisper, but stand up and talk and discuss the material, lecture, and explain.

There are several reasons why this works. First of all, have you ever noticed that when you try to explain something to someone, it often reveals whether you really know what you are talking about or not? If you make yourself verbally explain something, it helps you discover the gaps in your knowledge or reasoning. It also helps you maintain your focus, to develop memory traces that will help to get material into your long-term memory, and increases your level of concentration.

So,  do something for me, even if it feels extremely goofy. Stand up and pretend you’re in front of a class and have to explain whatever it is you are trying to learn. You will probably be surprised with just how much it shortens the path to figuring out what you know and don’t know. You do want to figure that out before you are sitting in class with an exam in front of you, don’t you?!

Trust me… it helps.


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