Distributed Study Time…. It Works!!!

Posted: November 10, 2012 in goal setting, Organization, Planners, study skills, test preparation, Time management, Uncategorized

In the Academic Support Center we have a group of Peer Tutors who work with students who have requested extra help. Even though these tutors have been able to maintain great grades in the past, once they throw the tutoring job into the mix, sometimes they have trouble keeping up with everything. We have found that if they have study skills “tutoring” where they learn time management and other quality study techniques, they are less likely to have this grade decline when they start working. Elliott is a successful engineering student who became a tutor this fall. When I showed him the 5-day study plan (which I discussed in a previous post) he decided that he liked the idea, but felt that 5 days was too much. So, he set up a 3-day study plan for an upcoming test. The result? He scored a “B” on his exam. While a “B” is not bad, he knew he could do better. So, when the next test approached, he decided to set up a 4-day study plan. That extra day of study got him a 100%!

Is your current method for test preparation only one or two days of study time? Do yourself a favor. Set up a plan for distributed practice and then follow through with the plan. I guarantee that if you stick with it, you will find your test scores soar. When you get your fabulous exam score, please take a picture of the page with your grade and tweet it to @successhacks1 and tell me how many days you set up for your study plan.

Good luck and study hard!


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