What This is All About….

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

The college where I work is in an urban area where the majority of students do not have much in the way of financial resources. Many are struggling financially and are dependent on government aid for sustenance. In addition, many are young, single parents, attempting to raise a child on their own while working and going to school.

My story is different from these students in many ways, but I can relate to them because there are also a number of distinct similarities. I returned to college as a recently divorced mother, suddenly left with the complete responsibility of caring for my children and paying the bills. Problem is, I didn’t finish my college education when I was younger and my earning potential was low.

I applied for financial aid, and received grants and scholarships. I went to the community college and graduated with a 4.0. I went on to a university and managed to maintain a 4.0 there as well, until my  life took another sudden turn. I met someone, fell in love, got engaged. Everything seemed great. I was doing well in school and nearing the finish line. But then, my fiance was diagnosed with brain cancer. Up to this point, we put off getting married because of the fact that we both still had young adult children at home (and attending college and working close to home) and we didn’t want to uproot either when they were all so close to graduating from college. But, now, we didn’t know if we would have the luxury of time. We had a private wedding ceremony on the patio at home. So, now I had school, work, children and a terminally ill husband.Image

My grade point slipped a little because of all of this, but I have managed to (usually) keep my head well above water. My goal was to graduate from the 4-year college with a 4.0, but sometimes you just have to take a look at all of the things in your life and re-prioritize. Obviously, caring for my husband and dealing with his illness and care had to take a front seat, and while my studies are still a priority, there are times when I have to allow it to take a back seat.

All that to say, I know something about juggling a whole lot of stuff, and I know something about the difficulties in life that can throw a huge wrench into the best laid plans. I’m coming from a place of an imperfect life, just like everyone else. I want to help others find ways to tread water during times of difficulty, and not give up on dreams and goals. At those times when I’m just barely hanging on, I try to at least minimize the damage, and can therefore not give up on reaching my end goals successfully. Therefore, this blog make take directions I’m not even aware of right now. One thing I can say, my main objectives are to be transparent and to share things that may be helpful to others. Feel free to email me with questions, suggestions, or whatever is on your mind.


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